A free Godot plugin that takes care of the server side so you can focus on your game

red line SilentWolf was made especially for Godot Engine, a free and open-source game engine.
Scores and Leaderboards
Player Accounts
Player and Game Data
Player Data

Scores and leaderboards

Advanced online leaderboard features for a broad range of use cases.

Set up your game's leaderboards in minutes and customize it to your needs: save only top scores for each player, reset your leaderboard at specific time intervals, add score metadata and much more.
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Player accounts

Let your players register and log in to your game.

Create your game's own player account system in minutes and let them log in and log out from your game securely. You can optionally add email verification, password reset and much more.
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Player data and game state

Store any data about your players or your game state.

Use SilentWolf to persistently store, update and delete any kind of data (like inventory, stats, achievements, etc) about players or your game's overall state in minutes. Retrieve it in your game just as easily.
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Used in thousands of games

and many more...
Why SilentWolf
Get up and running in minutes
Using SilentWolf is a breeze. Our built-in scenes help you get your game up and running faster.
Cross-platform support
SilentWolf works on all target platforms, from Windows, Mac, Linux, to Android, iOS and web/HTML5 (even on sites like Itch, Steam and Gotm.io).
Manage your data online
You can view, edit and delete all of your data via our online dashboard.
SilentWolf is 100% free!
Use all of our services at no cost to you. We're experts in cloud infrastructure and keeping costs down.
Why SilentWolf
Countless happy game developers
"Your service is great and I've recommended it to a few people in Godot groups!"
Steven Rogers | Dev, Castle Defense: Mini!
"The SilentWolf plugin is by far the best option for leaderboards I've used after trying numerous other options"
Tony | Dev, The Bit Prerogative
"Your plugin is working soooo well. It's great! I made my custom leaderboards and filled them with the data, so easy!"
Daaims | Dev, Deep Into Space
"Your features are awesome"
Kopinnath | Developer, Balagames
"Love your website, API, and everything your service provides."
Andy Redding | Lead Dev at ErgoGames.io
"This plugin is great, can't thank you enough for this!"
Marcus Forsberg | Dev, Brain Dead Warfare
"Seriously, if you want to add leaderboards to your game, look no further; SilentWolf is exactly what you need."
Carson Stoffels | Developer, Just Jump
"It's great because other game engine like Unity or Unreal has this kind of free hosting so it allows Godot to compete"
Darenn Keller | Developer, BBB
"This is an incredible resource. The games that I have added your high score lists to, have a much higher rate of replay, and it only took a few minutes to set up!"
Natasha Oliver | Developer, Fun4theBrain
"It took me roughly 15 minutes or so [to add a leaderboard to my Godot game] in the end!"
Brendon Morgan | Developer of Bubble 2048
"Frankly it was great to have your addon [...] I'll keep using it and recommending it to other developers because it's really great!"
Patrick Alves | Developer of Catastrophe Chaos
"As someone who does a lot of restful integrations, I've found Silent Wolf to be simple and easy to use."
Cyzaine | Game dev at Tearcell Games
"I was extremely surprised about how easy it was to set up. Easier than all the Firebase plugins I tried before SilentWolf."
Mihai Suciu | Developer of Fortune Master
"I'm really enjoying implementing it. Your documents read very well, and your code too."
John Loyal | Developer, ChipBot
"I installed the plugin last weekend and it was VERY EASY to use! I created a standard leaderboard for the game and it worked perfectly."
Djoka Games | Dev, Thukothea Defender
"I will definitely be using SilentWolf again for any of my other games and will be sure to recommend it to others."
Squizard Studios | Dev, History Hero
"You guys are awesome! Without you I would never have found a backend service dedicated to Godot."
Pablo Esteban Bernal | Developer, Mayaeical
"The backend services that you offer are much appreciated."
Vijay Mahabir | Developer, Prudish Settlements
"I am really satisfied with SilentWolf, even surprised."
Guilherme Ribeiro | Dev at Escada Games
"Thanks for your plugin it is proving to be very useful for my project."
Herr Woland | Developer, Box space
"Your plugin is awesome! [...] The documentation is very clear, and using the plugin is very easy too."
Vinícius Girotto | Developer, Radiation People
"I am absolutely amazed of how easy it is to implement a leaderboard with SilentWolf."
Mohamd Hamd Kh | Dev, Survivor Knight
"I really enjoy the ease of use of the plugin and it's all been going very smoothly."
Michael Rainsford Ryan | Dev, Flappy Planes
"The guide is super easy to follow and understand. Thanks for your work!"
Konrad Nowakowski aka Lethian | Game developer
"The service is very easy to use, and there were no problems during development."
Aram Osipyan | Developer of Doors
"The leaderboard system works great."
Basil Aiyub | Dev, Colorful Explosion
"We couldn't ask for much more."
Jordan Ly | Dev, Ham-Ham World Hamhionship
"I really appreciate this service, and the fact that it's built for Godot specifically is amazing."
Divine Afam-Ifediogor | Game developer
"SilentWolf is a very efficient platform for us indies and noobs to work."
David Osaro | Game developer
"Yesterday I added your Auth system; it's easy to implement in a game and I love it."
Jeremias Mock | Game developer
"It was really simple to set up multiple leaderboards and get them working how I wanted!"
Jacob Alfonso | Developer of Color Climb
"The documentation is very very clear."
Alessandro Fadini | Game developer
"I really enjoyed your service as it made my project much easier to complete."
Jaleen Bowens-Kelly | Dev, Slime Strider
"I am loving how easy to use SilentWolf turns out to be."
Felix Jahr | Developer of Spomb
"I am incredibly thankful for this great tool."
Marko | Developer at Marko Creations
"So easy to implement that API. Thx a lot. It works like a charm. I want to use your backend service with all my future games."
İlhan Akıllı | Science teacher: Little Burglar
"[SilentWolf] was such a huge boost to the quality of the game with very little effort."
Zachary Lounsberry | Dev, Swab Station
"Yours is the easiest [online leaderboard] to implement out of several I considered."
Richard Holyoak | Game dev, Twitch mod
"SilentWolf is more powerful than I thought. It satisfies all my requirements."
Anindya Roy | Developer of What a Jump
"Amazing! Love the dedication."
Shafeek Nazir | Developer of Go Slo
"Your docs are well explained and Silent Wolf is very easy to use and intuitive."
Seb from Pixel Games | Dev, Donut Dodo
"SilentWolf is the perfect tool; it's easy to use and I only have to take care of the high-level logic. It has been a reliable service over the years."
Julien Giovinazzo | Developer of Muffin Park
"SilentWolf is a great service and is helping me to achieve an easy online leaderboard for my arcade game to publish on the play store."
Federico Pastori | Developer of Duck Jump
"I would like to congratulate you for the great service in SilentWolf. Very simple to use and effective."
Thiago Barçante | Developer of What a Jump
"I really appreciate it and it makes my life a lot easier."
Ruben S. Luís aka Securas | Dev, SpaceScape
"SilentWolf is amazing. Working with it was much easier than I could have imagined and I didn't have a single problem with performance or reliability."
David Kozina | Dev, RegioJet Game
"I think SilentWolf is great. I hope more people will know about this fantastic backend for Godot."
Fernando Cruz Bello | Dev at Garaje Imagina
"I was so happy with how easy it was to set everything up. Congratulations on making such a helpful tool!"
Jackie Codes | Game dev streamer on Twitch
"I use your leaderboard solution and it works great!"
Ivan Kisiček | Game dev at Blockcode Games
"Thank you again for your support and for this wonderful plugin!"
Ian Aguiar | Dev, Space Shooter
"Got it working and in the game in like 30 minutes."
Rudy Wosfeld | Dev, World Hopper
"I have been having fun creating a leaderboard in my game using SilentWolf. Your generosity [...] is a real boon for the Godot community."
Chris (Aussie Maillie) | Dev, Name that Weave
"SilentWolf is amazing, even a monkey can set it up and start using in like five minutes. Docs are great as well."
Niko | Developer, Unfun
"Thanks for your work and the chance you give to the community to use it for free!"
MacPowerDev | Dev, MC Sudoku
"I found [SilentWolf] to be the easiest way to implement a simple online leaderboard in Godot."
Jason Hughes | Developer of Abatari Arcade
Commonly asked questions
I have a technical problem with the plugin (or trouble with the website). Can you help?
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Please check out our troubleshooting guide. You can also reach out to us at
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Can I use SilentWolf in a commercial game?
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Yes! You can use SilentWolf in games that make money.
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Does SilentWolf require some kind of accreditation?
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No, you don't need to add SilentWolf to your game's credits or anything like that. Of course we always appreciate a shoutout on Twitter/Reddit/Itch or your favourite social media platform!
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How can SilentWolf be free?
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We specialize in optimizing infrastructure costs which is how we can keep serving so many games for free. Eventually we will start charging for (very) intensive usage and advanced features. But SilentWolf's pricing will always be super indie-friendly and will always feature a generous free tier.
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Does SilentWolf scale?
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Yes! There are games making millions of backend calls every week on SilentWolf. We are pushing our APIs further all the time. We can handle your load.
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Can I deploy my SilentWolf-backed game on mobile / desktop / web / console?
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Yes. SilentWolf works in all target platforms supported by Godot (including consoles), provided that the game has internet access on the target platform.
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Will you ever sell my game's data to third parties?
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No! That's not who we are.
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